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Constant Battle

By Staff | Aug 19, 2009

This week’s Wetzel Chronicle contains a tale of two battles, yet their fights are very similar.

It seems that Hundred is winning the battle against a dilapidated building. . . finally. . . as they have received some help from the legislature. They should soon have the old school building properly razed, taking care of that long-standing issue.

Then in the Brooklyn section of New Martinsville some residents are just beginning the fight against blights in their area. Sure, there are some accompanying issues in this battle, but one of the fights remains the same-against dilapidated buildings.

Of course these two communities are not alone. The struggle exists throughout the county and it doesn’t seem as if anyone knows an easy solution. Unfortunately the easy part is in the creation of the eyesores, blights, and nuisances. Like most projects, when the easy part is over and the real work or cost begins, the responsible parties are nowhere to be found. So we guess “responsible” isn’t really the right word is it? Perhaps culpable is a better description.