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A Pat On The Back

By Staff | Aug 12, 2009

We are certainly pleased and, yes, a bit proud of the recent accolades the Wetzel Chronicle received from the West Virginia Press Association. It has been quite some time since this publication has earned a general excellence award, so this year’s honor is unusually appreciated.

We are very fortunate to work in an industry that has a mechanism in place to be recognized for our work. We know many people toil away without so much as a pat on the back. This certainly doesn’t make their work any less excellent or praiseworthy, but definitely less savory. We believe that those who receive accolades or even just a “thank you” will work even harder to perform better. Evidently the WVPA believes that too as these awards come from the Better Newspaper Contest.

So the next time you see someone doing a great job, whether you work with them or not, give them a pat on the back. It will make their day and maybe spur them on to better things.