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From Niles Hissom

By Staff | Aug 5, 2009

In my last letter to this column, I expressed concern over the Universal Health Care bill which has been passed by the House and is to come before the Senate shortly if not by the time this is published.

I voiced my concern about the Universal Health Care bill that President Obama and his henchmen are trying to fastrack through congress. I wrote that this legislation if passed means nothing more than euthanasia to the elderly who are too old, too expensive to treat, or of not enough value to society to get needed medical treatment.

There was a response by two individuals who answered my letter in the comment section of the Letters To The Editor online. One accused my comments about Universal Health Care as being influenced by “too much Right Wing Propaganda”. The other respondent said I was “ill informed about the health care crisis” in America. I refuse these accusations.

I offer just one of many sources of information that your readers may turn to in order to investigate for themselves what this ObamaCare plan really contains for the elderly. One of these sources is a Web site article written by Jim Brown – OneNewsNow – 7/24/2009 6:00 AM. http://www.onenewsnow.com/Politics/Default.aspx?id=616402 This article voices what I have been reading and hearing and researching for myself, since this healthcare bill became public. Mr. Brown titled his article: “Health Care Reform Sets Off Euthanasia Alarm”. He quotes Ezekiel Emanuel, the President’s “health policy advisor” writing that, if healthcare has to be rationed, he prefers the “complete lives system”, which “discriminates against older people”. Also, “Dr. Devon Herrick, a senior fellow at the National Center for Policy Analysis”, says Emanuel, “believes young adults should be given preferential care over seniors because they have more years of their life ahead of them.” Euthanasia by any other name.

I am asking all who read this letter to take the time to investigate this for themselves. Go to the web and other sources learn the contents of the bill itself, and then determine if you want Universal Health Care to replace and destroy the present health care system that America now has. America has the best in the world, but ObamaCare will give us what Canada and England now have, which is a disaster. And for the elderly, its euthanasia. Exercise your right to know while you have that right. Pray for America.


Niles Hissom

New Martinsville