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From Howard Cork

By Staff | Aug 5, 2009

The Monthly Prayer Breakfast has been held every second Saturday of the month at Quinet’s Court Restaurant, Main Street, New Martinsville, for almost three years now. During the last meeting, in July, there was a lot of discussion about the breakfast and what could be done to improve it and what changes should be made. The first suggestion was and adopted, the breakfast needed a name that would tell what we were about; from now on it will be “Christians Sharing the Word of God”.

Other changes are, we will hold the meeting in the center or the back room of the Court instead of the main dining room because of the need for some degree of privacy and quiet time for prayer and discussions of the Word.

We will still have speakers from time to time, but keep it open mainly for those in attendance to have time for each other, others needs, discussions, and sharing of scripture as the Holy Spirit directs and leads.

Everyone is invited, we invite all churches, denominations, saved, and the curious to come share with us, every second Saturday of each month.

Our next meeting is Aug. 8.; Quinet’s Court Restaurant, New Martinsville; 9-11 a.m. Our speaker will be Helen Wyckoff from Sardis, Ohio.

For more information call 305-889-3555.

Howard Cork