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HVFD To Sell Field Of Dreams

By Staff | Jul 22, 2009

Hundred Volunteer Fire Department’s Field of Dreams is up for sale. At Monday’s Hundred town council meeting, Fire Chief Keith Williams explain the department’s decision to council.

Williams stated the 47 acres owned by Hundred’s fire department is available for purchase. The fire department would like to obtain funding to build a new fire station and the proceeds from the sale of this acreage would assist them.

“This new fire station will be determined at a later date,” Williams explained. He also told council that the current fire station is in “pretty bad shape.” “Selling this land will help us,” he stated.

Williams noted there are mineral rights with this land. “We can sell it with or without the mineral rights,” he explained.

The fire department will be taking bids until July 31 on this property. All bids must be in written form and sent to Fire Department President Johanna Lemasters at P.O Box 23, Burton, WV 26562.

In other council matters, Del. Dave Pethtel (D-Wetzel) was present to give council members an update about information involving a Community Participation Grant. He stated he knew council would like to obtain this funding for the clean up project of the old grade school but, “this could be a lengthy process.”

Pethtel explained to council that the West Virginia Governor is the one who approves these grants and they are for economic development. Pethtel stated that the governor might not want to give funding to clean up an area that could possibility be sold later on. “The state will not foot the bill for this,” he stated.

Phil Lightner, council member, stated, “It’s an eye sore,” regarding the old school building. “What about our stimulus money that each town is suppose to be receiving, when do we receive our share?” asked Lightner.

Michael Durig and Danny Howe of Riverside Construction were present at the meeting regarding the old grade school and the Belmont Street project.

“It’s quite a mess up there,” reported Durig of the grade school. He also told council that Belmont Street would require the setting of new forms and placing anchors in the wall to hold it in place.

City Recorder Sherri Hayes asked Durig if they could give council a bid by the end of the month. Mayor Charles Sine told those present at the meeting, “That wall at Belmont Street is very, very important for us.”

Hayes reported to council that three names were submitted for the open council position, created from the resignation of Dan Curry. They were Dave Derby, Keith Williams, and Robert Sigley. Council members voted at the meeting and a there was tie between Robert Sigley and David Derby. Mayor Charles Sine gave the tie breaking vote to Derby. Sine then sworn in new council member Derby at the meeting.

Hayes reported that an extension of the $7,000 grant allocated for streets and signs was approved. She told council that gives them until June of 2010 to use this funding.

Councilmember Johanna Lemasters told council there is a possible chance of Hundred having a paid ambulance service on a trial bases. She asked all those present if they are interested to please attend the upcoming county commission meeting scheduled on July 28 at 11 a.m.