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Board Adds Consumer Math At PCHS

By Staff | Jul 22, 2009

Consumer Math will be added to elective courses available at Paden City High School in the 2009-10 school year. The course, for which Algebra I is a pre-requisite, will include such subjects as calculating federal withholding taxes, computing earned interest, preparing a budget, and reconciling a bank statement.

The Wetzel County Board of Education approved the course July 13, with board member Linda Ritz suggesting that it be established in all county schools. Other members previously have expressed similar suggestions.

The board approved a change in assignment for Abram S. Highley from second grade teacher at New Martinsville School to assistant principal at Short Line School, effective Aug. 7. Highley also resigned as assistant football coach at Valley High School, effective June 22.

Resignations also were received from Franklin D. Carter and Robert K. Miller as substitute mechanic and substitute bus operator, respectively; Christine M. Mace as SAT Coordinator at Paden City Elementary School; and from Meredith L. Tusic as assistant track coach at Magnolia High School.

In addition, the board accepted the resignation of Larry W. West as assistant principal at NMS, although no successor to that position was named immediately.

At Hundred High School, the board approved the employment of Stavros Atsas as mathematics/chemistry/physics teacher and of John N. Jennings as general science/physical science/biology teacher. Ryan A. May also was employed as health/physical education/driver education teacher, effective Aug. 21.

Contracted services were approved for Rebecca K. Goff as Links Coordinator at HHS, as they were for Janet H. Moore at SLS. Links is a new advisor-advisee initiative of the state department of education. Also at SLS, Rick D. Borders was okayed as 7/8 grade social science teacher and Sandra J. Hurst was approved as summer bus operator.

At VHS, Brooks L. Brown was approved as assistant football coach for the 2009-10 season and Gary P. Partridge was approved a head softball coach. Partridge also will be 7th grade girls’ basketball coach at SLS.

Other new employment at MHS included: Michael J. Findling as health/physical education teacher; Kandi McKinney Loy as head girls’ soccer coach; and Cynthia A. Zajdowicz as assistant cheerleading coach.

In addition, contracted services were approved for Stacy E. Barcus as Links Coordinator at the school and Patricia D. Hoffman was approved as non-certified countywide substitute teacher.

At PCHS, Donna K. Jones was named to the position of Links Coordinator and Karen L. Pegg was employed as countywide substitute cook.

At NMS, Brian J. Croasmun was employed as 7/8 grade girls’ basketball coach and Bryan E. Hostetler was approved as non-certified assistant coach for 7/8 grade football. Hostetler’s position will not be funded with county of NMS funds.

Several other positions were approved for NMS that also will not be funded by public money: 7/8 grade girls’ volleyball coach(es); 7/8 grade wrestling and assistant wrestling coaches; and 7/8 grade assistant football coach.

The board also approved a 7/8 grade volleyball team at PCHS and an assistant wrestling coach position at MHS for the 2009-10 school year. Those positions will be paid by non-public funding.

The board added several organizations at NMS authorized to raise funds in the school’s name: 7/8 Volleyball, 7/8 Girls’ Basketball, 7/8 Boy’s Basketball, 7/8 Girls’ Track, 7/8 Bots Track, 7/8 Wrestling, and 7/8 Band.

The board approved several requests for children to attend or to continue attending Wetzel County Schools in the coming year. Cody James Cline will continue as a student at MHS next year, pending release from Tyler County Schools. Also pending release from Tyler County, Abigail, Levi, and Lincoln Gump will continue attending NMS.

Clayton and Olivia Myers were approved to attend NMS and MHS next year. A similar request was approved for Isaac Wade Davisson to attend NMS and for Shawn R. Slater to attend HHS. Those requests must be approved by Marshall and Marion counties, respectively.

Meanwhile, the board approved requests for students to be released from Wetzel County Schools to attend classes in other counties. Aubrey and Davon Henderson will attend school in Tyler County next year and Emily Elizabeth Strickler will do the same.

Austin Mitchell Stout will attend Harrison County School for the 2009-10 school year.

Before adjourning, the board approved a request for a school bus and operator from Lance and Diane Caqin to transport approximately 60 children to the Wetzel County 4-H Camp, with payment from Camp Appalachia.

The board also approved Fred Channel’s request to take the MHS Band to several locations in Ohio and Pennsylvania Sept. 19, Oct. 17, Oct. 24, and, tentatively, a trip Nov. 1 or Nov. 8. All the trips are to band tournaments and will be paid by the band patrons.