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A Great Day

By Staff | Jul 22, 2009

I thoroughly enjoyed the Festival of Memories held in downtown New Martinsville Saturday. My sister Karen had attended the event for the first time and she was amazed at how wonderful it all was. Of course, being a Bill Stokes groupie, she was particularly thrilled with the magic show in the Lincoln Theater and was happy to share the experience with her granddaughter and niece.

Karen kept marveling at how everything was free. “How can they do that?” she asked.

While I don’t know all the ins and outs of the festival’s budget, I do believe most of the funding comes from a grant and corporate sponsorship. I think it is money well spent-giving everyone a chance to have fun and even win some prizes in the meantime. It is no respecter of persons and I think that’s great. I also appreciate that they boost local businesses with their spending.

Finally, I think everyone enjoyed the fireworks that filled the sky at the conclusion. I know some people thought that 10:30 p.m. was too late for the spectacle, but with a day so jam-packed with fun, it couldn’t be helped. Besides, the glittery finale was even more beautiful in the pitch-black sky.