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The Truly Important Things

By Staff | Jul 15, 2009

The national media may have been obsessed lately with the numerous deaths of celebrities, but Wetzel County has not been immune to similar losses. We have seen many beloved citizens pass away recently and this past week our own entertainer joined the list-Norbert Ebert.

Norbert had been fighting cancer for quite some time. He went about it like he did everything else-with gusto and persistence. Unfortunately the disease finally won the battle.

One of my first thoughts when I heard of Norbert’s passing was that he wouldn’t get to see one of the biggest acts ever grace the stage at Town and Country Days-The Oak Ridge Boys. The long-time entertainment chairman of the annual fair has brought many big-name acts to our small-town event, but perhaps none as big as this quartet.

Norbert was understandably proud of the coup and thankful for the financial support that made it possible. I am saddened that he won’t be able to see that show, at least not from his regular hillside camping spot. This year his view will be from a bit loftier of a seat.

But when I learned of the final major event in Norbert’s life, it was all put into perspective. You see, Norbert’s new grandson was welcomed into the world just an hour or so before he departed. Norbert had so desperately wanted to see that new family member make it here safe and sound. He did, and then he was able to move on.

Sure, Norbert was proud of his Town and Country Days lineup, but not nearly as proud of that as he was his own family. He knew what the truly important things in life are.

Thank you Norbert for that lesson. Thank you for all you have given to our community through Town and Country Days, the Ebert Brothers Shows, and your other endeavors. You will be missed, but not by any as deeply as your family.