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Office Needs New Computers

By Staff | Jul 15, 2009

A purchase of six new computers is truly needed at the Wetzel County Assessor’s Office, noted Chief Deputy Assessor Anita King at the July 14 County Commission meeting.

King explained that her computer has been checked out due to technical problems and it was reported that it will probably go down permanently soon. “My computer is the administrator one that feeds through a server,” explained King. She further explained that if her computer goes down, it will affect the other computers in the office.

King gave the commission a total of $13,925 for the purchases of the new computers needed.

She explained that the six computers needed include a lap top, a new GI system computer that does the mapping for the county, and other computers needed for the assessor’s office.

County Commissioner Don Mason told King that the commissioners will look through their budget and see what can be done to correct this problem.

Wetzel County Circuit Clerk Sharon Dulaney was present at the meeting to inform the commissioners that Sue Long, secretary of domestic and divorce cases, will be retiring. Her retirement will go into effect Aug. 14. Long has worked for nine years for the Circuit Clerk’s office.

Dulaney reported she has a part-time employee ready to fill this full-time position when Long retires. She explained that due to this change, she will have to hire one part-time employee in her department.

She explained to the commissioners that this part-time employee will be needed five days a week.

Dulaney requested funding for the part-time position that needs to be filled. Mason said they would address it in October.