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From Niles Hissom

By Staff | Jul 8, 2009

Here is the way I see our national future if the Universal Health Care and the Cap ‘n Trade bills become law. For the elderly, Universal Health Care means disaster. In my opinion, this means euthanasia for the elderly and the very sick. It means that we all face waiting far too long for treatment of diseases that need quick treatment. If this becomes law, It won’t take long for Americans to realize that government control of health care means little or no treatment for them, depending on the individual’s value to society and the cost of treating them. No longer will our health care be our personal and private choice where we can get treatment at our discretion. We will be subject to an unelected bureaucrat who will be determining for us whether we get treatment. That is not what we want folks. But it’s coming if we don’t demand that our representatives in Washington decide for us and not the special interests! Now is the time to start pressuring them to vote to defeat these socialist, Marxists power grabs.

Cap ‘n Trade is a tax hike that so horrendous that it smacks of a political coup; an illegal government usurping power and denying our Constitutional guarantees. This legislation will control every aspect of our lives from the cradle to the grave, regardless of what we want. We still have the freedom to act before this would comes to pass. Let every voter pressure the Senate to say, “No! no! no!” to this attempt to establish and solidify tyrannical government control over every American life through Cap ‘n Trade.

We are almost out of time to exercise our Constitutional rights to control government. If these two bills become law, many knowledgeable people are saying that this is the end of any opportunity that we have to stop the take over of America by these progressive thinking authoritarian statists who want to destroy our Constitution and instill the rule of socialist, Marxists law.

All that we have left is our right to vote for loyal America First representatives who will stop this madness. . . even if they aren’t a Republican or Democrat. Take this seriously; if we don’t, our nation will cease to exist as we know it.

Above all, pray to God for His help. Without His favor and intervention, we can’t save our country. May God help us!


Niles Hissom

New Martinsville