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From Shelia Isner

By Staff | Jun 24, 2009

For over 23 years, Anderson’s Amoco was on the highway at 639 Third Street. And as you may know, there will be a new Sunoco station there without the former management of Anderson’s Amoco.

We were forced out of business and our livelihood, but the little man means nothing to “big business”.

We may have forced us out of business, but there is one thing they can’t take away from us and that is all the wonderful people and memories and friendships we made over those 23 years.

I would like to thank every one of our customers and friends that came into our station. There are lots of familiar faces and not so familiar faces from places near and far that we will remember forever and think back to the times when they came to the station, some to buy goods and others who came in to say “Hi” and just talk.

I hope that over those years Anderson’s has helped to supply you with a few memories of your own. Thank you all so much for helping Anderson’s make it this far. We’re sorry we couldn’t have made it farther.

On behalf of the management, Thank You.

Shelia Isner