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From Dale Huggins

By Staff | Jun 24, 2009

I went into town Tuesday morning, June 16, and I had to go back that afternoon. Going down Anderson Hill at the first turn, someone threw out two bags of trash. I guess they don’t have a garbage can at their home. If you’re from out of town, stay away. If you’re from the Proctor area, you have no respect for Proctor, so I don’t have any respect for you. Litter bug, no; trash throwing loser, yes.

To the people who sit at Route 2, where you throw your trash, then go up Proctor Creek throwing out trash, you are no better. Don’t you losers see the trash that you throw out the next day when you go into town? If you’re in the car or truck when someone throws something out, you are just as guilty.

Friday night is the worst. The beer drinkers get their midnight meal, then on the way home they throw the cans, fast food bags, wrappers, and food out the window. Don’t you losers know you pay a person to pick up your garbage every week?

Then there’s the green Mountain Dew bottles. Who’s that loser? Someone in Proctor knows.

P.S., Respect the Proctor Area and Wild and Wonderful West Virginia.

Dale Huggins