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From Ransom Parris

By Staff | Jun 16, 2009

I am writing this grievance on the way that Aramark is doing the tray and their menu on the inmates at Huttonsville.

They have food items on the daily menu that we don’t even get. Like the day we have sloppy joes, buns were on the menu and we get only bread for the sloppy.

This is happening a lot, just to cut corners and make big profits. But yet the staff will always have buns and other items that we never see or get on our trays. And the sloppy joes are so watered down and diluted to make it stretch. This is wrong for them to be doing us this way and getting by with it.

Also on May 24, when they had gravy for that evening meal, it was so watered down and so runny. This goes on all the time. When we had spaghetti, the sauce was made with left over chili con carne and diluted down terrible.

This is so wrong, but yet the staff gets better and real food that we don’t even get. They are suppose to pay $1.50 per tray and suppose to get what we eat, but they don’t. They have tomatoes, onions, and even peppers on the tray and sandwiches we do not get.

Their salads have real dressing, we get vinegar and oil most all the time. Very little we can get French, we never get ranch or real french.

And most of the time we don’t even get tomatoes for our hamburgers. Just like when we had hot dogs. They listed chili sauce, well we don’t. It’s beans made with a little chili powder and no onions and catsup or mustard, but the staff will have it all.

This is so wrong on the way that Aramark food does and gets by with it, and weaning out foods we should get, but cut corners and to save and make them big profits. Just like the fresh fruit on the meals. Only fresh fruit we get is an orange. The staff gets bananas and strawberries, which we never see.

They are doing the same things here that got them put out of other states and they don’t need to be in this state either. They been put out of several states for weaning out food on the inmates and feeding their staff a lot better, ripping off the state. The kitchen is filthy and unsanitary. There are rats and cockroaches running all over, and this is nasty. The Health Department has been informed on this, plus the staff’s personal hygiene.

Ransom Parris, inmate

Huttonsville Department of Corrections