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Don’t Be A Victim

By Staff | Jun 16, 2009

The Wetzel County Sheriff’s Department fears that residents of the area will be victims of fraud as one woman has already been targeted in a scheme by Royal Oak Promotions.

She received a letter saying she had won $250,000 in the Megamillions Sweepstakes. Since she enters many sweepstakes, she thought it might be legitimate.

Like many modern schemes, the letter included a check for a large sum of money, $4,450. She was to cash the check from Farmers Texas County Mutual Insurance Company and send back $3,400 to London. This was reportedly to pay for taxes.

The local woman cashed the check, but didn’t send any money back until it cleared. Of course it never did. The check was bogus and if she had not been cautious, would have been held liable for the return amount.

The WCSD is concerned that such scams usually come in waves to a particular area and warns others to also be wary of anything that is too good to be true. Anytime somebody sends money and wants you to send back most of it, there’s a problem. We echo Chief Deputy Rob Haught’s words, “Don’t fall for this stuff!”