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Mayors Retain Seats

By Staff | Jun 10, 2009

Pine Grove Mayor Dave Barr will retain his place at the town’s helm as he beat out challenger Peggy Lueck by a vote of 41 to 23 in Tuesday’s election.

In the council election, the top five vote getters were incumbent David Williams, 45; Bobby Adams, 43; incumbent John Johnston, 39; Eva Adams, 34; and incumbent Tom Dulaney, 33. Those not making the cut were Buck Leek, 29; Mary Pyles, 25; and incumbent Roy Justice, 24.

Incumbent Recorder Kimberly Bates garnered 63 votes.

In Hundred’s Tuesday election incumbent Mayor Charles Sine received a resounding approval with 75 votes compared to challenger Erik Melczak’s eight.

Recorder Sherry Hayes also easily beat out write-in opponent Desiree Kolojay by a vote of 67 to 15.

With only five contestants for the five council seats, there were no surprises there, but their vote totals were as follows: incumbent Johanna Lemasters, 72; incumbent Philip Lightner, 70; Shirley Miller, 68; incumbent Jean McClelland, 61; and incumbent Dan Curry, 50.