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Department Investigates Incident

By Staff | Jun 10, 2009

Wetzel County Sheriff James Hoskins is concerned about an incident that prompted a little girl to run screaming to her home.

Hoskins said a nine-year-old girl was approached by a white man May 30 on Richwood Road near Jacksonburg. He said the girl was not harmed, but she became frightened when the man walked toward her.

Hoskins said the man ran the other way when the girl screamed and ran to her home. The man then entered a black car driven by another man, and the vehicle sped away.

But the vehicle has been seen a second time, Hoskins said.

Hoskins said two men were seen sitting in a metallic-black, early-1990s sedan at about 4 p.m. June 2 in the Richwood Road area. A resident of that neighborhood wondered what the men were doing. That resident approached the vehicle before it again sped away.

Hoskins said authorities have a description of one of the men. He is described as being a “bald, taller, white male”. The sheriff noted none of his deputies have seen the vehicle in question, but he said two strange incidents involving the car and two men is a cause for concern.

“The part I hate is that they sped away a second time,” Hoskins said.

“The first time, maybe they just panicked because they didn’t want to be accused of something they didn’t do.”

Hoskins stressed that the men traveling in that vehicle are not considered suspects in any crime, but he does want to talk to them.

“We’re just following up on some different leads and information that may help us locate the two men in the car that are of interest to us,” said Hoskins.

“We have not seen the vehicle, but the roads in Wetzel County go anywhere.

“It is something we take seriously, and it is under investigation. I don’t consider them suspects, but I would like to get to the bottom of this.”

Anyone with any information regarding the men or the vehicle is asked to contact the Wetzel County Sheriff’s Department at 304-455-2430.

“We just want the public to keep a watchful eye for any suspicious activity,” said Hoskins. Then they are encouraged to report it so the law enforcement officers can keep everyone safe.