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Two Seek Mayor’s Seat

By Staff | Jun 3, 2009

The mayor’s race in hundred sees incumbent Charles A. Sine facing Erik K. Melczak.

(Editor’s note: The Wetzel County sent questionnaires to candidates in all municipal races. The responses we received follow.)

Melczak is 30 years old and grew up in Pittsburgh, Pa. He moved to the Hundred area in 1996 and into the town in 2005. Melczak graduated from Clay-Battelle High School in 1997 and attended Wheeling Jesuit University. He has been the owner of Future Innovation In Traffic Technology since 2001 where he specializes in the sale and research and development of technology.

If you were given $50,000 to spend on the city in any manner you wish, what would you do with it and why?

Melczak: My first instinct is to use the money to open some sort of community center where the youth of Hundred would be able to spend time to play basketball and other sports instead of running the streets at night. This would also help curb the drug problem in some small way. But before I would do this it would be best to set up a town meeting to see just what the public of Hundred wants and needs. Then with the city council’s approval, move forward with whatever the best idea is.

Sine: I would use the money to repair Belmont Street wall. The road is slipping and we need to fix the wall to save it.

Name one city issue you would like to see addressed and how specifically you would work to rectify it.

Melczak: One of the most common issues that has come up when talking to the citizens of Hundred is the lack of local jobs. To address this issue and attract new employers to the town, one of the first items that needs to be dealt with is the overall appearance of the city. I would meet with the land owners of the city and work with them to fix up their properties.

This help would include helping them track down grants that may be available to help them and getting volunteers to help with the work. By doing this it will be easier to entice companies to locate to the city.

Sine: I would like to see the outer limits of the town annexed to increase the size of our town to keep it going for future generations.

What makes you the best person for this job?

Melczak: Although I am young and lack experience, I look at these as positive traits. Because of my age I am not set in ways and more willing to embrace ideas that may be unconventional but ultimately beneficial to the city. I also feel that my experience if the technology fields would allow me to help bring the city into the 21st century with new technology. I also believe that the city needs someone that is willing to think “outside of the box” that I am willing to do and in fact have to do in order to be a success on the research and development field.

Sine: Many years of experience and knowledge of construction work and maintenance of the town. I work well with my workers, council members, and the community.