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Three Hundred Candidates Respond

By Staff | Jun 3, 2009

In the municipal race in Hundred for positions other than mayor, we received three responses: Recorder Sherry Hayes, Councilperson Johanna Lemasters, and Councilperson Phil Lightner.

(Editor’s note: The Wetzel County sent questionnaires to candidates in all municipal races. The responses we received follow.)

Lemasters was born in Burton to John and Enid Lemasters. she attended elementary school in Burton and graduated from Hundred High School in 1970. After graduating from Fairmont State College with a degree in elementary education, I began teaching in Hundred. A Master’s Degree was earned at West Virginia University. She is now completing her 35th year of teaching.

Lemasters has worked with the emergency squad as an EMT and an EMT instructor. She is president of the Hundred Volunteer Fire Department and Faculty Senate Chair at Long Drain School. She attends the Church of Christ near Hundred.

Lightner graduated from Cameron High School. He and his wife Charmaine and have a daughter. She and her family live in Worthington, Ohio. Lightner is a member of the Hundred Area Pride and attend Hundred United Methodist Church.

If you were given $50,000 to spend on the city in any manner you wish, what would you do with it and why?

Hayes: I would use the $50,000 to clean up the old grade school property. This has been an eye sore in our community and the town has been working very hard to try and get the funding to do just that.

Lemasters: If given $50,000 to improve the city of Hundred, I would spend it to complete some the ongoing projects that council has been working on. For example, tearing down the old Hundred Grade School, replacing the bridge within the town, and repairing some sidewalks.

Lightner: I would have the sidewalks replaced, because they are old and deteriorated. Some residents are on fixed incomes and can’t afford to repair them.

Name one city issue you would like to see addressed and how specifically you would work to rectify it.

Hayes: We need more grant funding for projects in the town, such as new sidewalks, street replacement and repair, and new facilities at our football field. I will work on preparing grant applications for the above projects.

Lemasters: I would like to see main street in Hundred restored. Maybe, antique shops and speciality shops could be developed.

This would take a great deal of money, so grants would be needed. A wish would be for an developer to appear.

Lightner: To try to get funding for the cleaning up of the old Hundred Grade School and other structures.

What makes you the best person for this job?

Hayes: I have past experience as a council member and eight years as the town recorder. I have worked for the Hundred-Little PSD for two years. I have also worked very hard to keep the town in the black. I have been audited every year and my bookkeeping skills have paid off. I have brought the town into the 21st century as far as technology and record keeping.

Lemasters: I have lived in Wetzel County all of my life and in the town of Hundred for 17 years. Over the last 35 years, I have worked with the Emergency Squad and Hundred Fire Department. I care about our community and its people and I have experience as being a council person.

Lightner: I’ve been on council for three years and have worked and lived in the community for over 30 years. I have lived in Hundred for 16 years.