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City Approves Resolution That Supports PCHS

By Staff | Jun 3, 2009

Heavy in the minds of Paden City residents is the fear of losing their school and their identity as a community.

Such was a topic of discussion during the most recent meeting of the Paden City Council who as a group adopted a resolution pledging their support to the cause of saving PCHS.

Mayor Bill Fox spoke on behalf of the council, stating, “The future of Paden City High School has been put into question by recent discussions within the Wetzel County Board of Education relating to facility planning over the next 10 years.”

He added, “As related there exists the possibility of the closure of our high school during this planning period. Nothing could be more detrimental to our community than the closure of Paden City High School. The citizens of our city deserve our own community identity that historically revolves around our schools.”

The council recognized the education opportunities that have always been provided for the children who attend PCHS, furthermore stating the effect of community losses far outweigh the material cost of maintaining the school.

“The Wetzel County School District in general and the citizens of Paden City in particular, deserve Paden City High School,” Fox concluded.

A resolution, signed by the members of council, was sent to the Wetzel County Board asking them to take into consideration the wishes and prayers of the citizens and determine that PCHS will keep its place among the other great schools in the district.

Councilman Jarrell Bailey reported several streets were in need of repair throughout the city. “As soon as the weather breaks we are going to start patching the holes.

Officer R. Henry of the Paden City Police Department reminded everyone to keep their cars and houses locked at night. “There haven’t been a lot of breaking and enterings lately, but we might as well not leave the invitation,” he commented.

In other matters, the city has ordered a slide to be installed at the pool. They anticipate its arrival sometime within the next week.

It was also announced that music in the park will resume this summer with an estimated start date of July 11.