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Going To The Big City

By Staff | May 27, 2009

Joellen waits to watch Dora the Explorer Live!

“I want to go to the big city to see Dora and Boots!”

This was the refrain we heard sporadically from Joellen for about a month before Dora the Explorer and Boots came to Pittsburgh in March. She had seen them advertising the live show on television and every time she saw it, she would say those words. But her request to see two of her favorite cartoon characters didn’t only come when reminded by the commercial, she would say it randomly without any prompting. This girl had her mind set on seeing Dora and Boots in the big city.

The latter part of that request came from our trip to Wheeling to see Sesame Street Live last fall. We went to WesBanco Arena one day to pick up our tickets. When we got out of the car Joellen said in wonder, “Oooh, the big city!” as she looked up at the buildings.

Now we all know Wheeling isn’t that big of a city, but to a two-year-old I guess it must be pretty impressive. That image and seeing live television characters there evidently stuck.

So we kept telling Joellen that if Dora and Boots came to a big city near us, then we would go see them. My sister Betsy heard of their Pittsburgh appearances and we made plans to go, but kept them secret, not even buying tickets until we got there, just in case plans changed.

Joellen was very excited when she realized we were going to see Dora and Boots in the big city!

We were so excited to surprise Joellen with the event. When we came through the tunnel to Pittsburgh Joellen said, “The big city! See Dora and Boots!” Yep, she was right. No big surprise really, she just expected it.

I received a press release the other day that announced Dora The Explorer Live! The Search for the City of Lost Toys will be coming to Charleston in the Municipal Auditorium June 23 and 24. Since we generally don’t print much news outside of Wetzel County, that isn’t something we would normally print. However, I thought it was worth a mention just in case there were any other Dora fanatics out there who might just be waiting for her to come to a big city near her. For more information you can visit www.charlestonwvciviccenter.com or call 800-745-3000.

As for Joellen, she is now asking to see Barney in the big city. I don’t even know if that’s possible. But I keep telling her, enough times that she now sighs and mutters it along with me, “If Barney comes to a big city near us, we’ll go.”