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Amazing West Virginia

By Staff | May 27, 2009

I often have to pinch myself to remind myself I am back home in West Virginia.

I certainly agree with the statement, you can take me out of West Virginia, but you can’t take West Virginia out of me. I left years ago in person, but my heart has always been here.

I know of no other state that offers so much to its people. The problem I see is that many do not appreciate what we do have it, and even more so, what we don’t have.

I lived in several metro cities. I adjusted to living in them, even New York City.

But in mind, I was never far from home.

I have never lived close to any of my family. I often heard people comment on being with their family, or always have family members near by in times of a crisis. The only positive thing I can think about that is it forced me to become dependent on myself in times of troubled waters, or during holidays.

Now that I am back home to stay, I am enjoying all the things I probably took for granted when I grew up in a small coal mining town, Wallace.

The beauty of that state cannot even be put into words. I know there are those that seldom see that beauty.

We went to Grantsville not long ago. I thought I had seen narrow roads, but never any quite like that trip. Even in that road I could only imagine what travel must have been like years ago on that very road?

Having lived in tornado alley for years, the gentle, peaceful rains, even when driving, are special. I can certainly say I don’t miss those tornado sirens in the least.

I love going out on my front porch to watch and listen to that gentle rain falling. That never happens in the midwest.

My son, Mark made a comment recently to me. He suggested I should take a nice vacation. I laughed at him, and replied, “Mark, every day is a vacation for me. Living in West Virginia one can take a vacation and not even go far from your home.”

Other than an ocean, I can think of nothing that West Virginia lacks. Of course, compared to a metropolitan city it lack rush hours, crowed streets, subways, busy stores, rude people in lines behind you, much more expensive items, constant sounds of ambulances, police cars, and horns blowing.

Perhaps having experienced all those things makes me enjoy my home state even more.

Being a history buff, I love traveling around my state to many of the historical places.

West Virginia is the only state I know of that required history of the state in schools. This was one of my favorite classes. I still retain much of what I learned in those classes.

When living out of state, people would often tell me they had friends or family living in a certain town, most of the time they didn’t even know that town was in Virginia. It amazed me that many seemed not to know there was a war being fought when my state left Virginia.

Recently we have been going to the beautiful Ohio River, (beautiful that is until it is in my basement). Last time we stayed nearly three hours; it was sunset. The reflection on the river was beautiful. We watched a barge go through the locks, people quietly fishing, and others just strolling along the walking path.

I thought then of some of the history that had taken place on that river-the thousands of Indian who had lived along it, Lewis and Clark’s travels, George Washington, and Abe Lincoln, just to think of a few.

If one longs for the city, we are not far from several metropolitan cities. I must confess at this point in my life, I have no desire to go back to one. I love the slow pace of most people and our lifestyle living right here in Wonderful West Virginia. I have found a peace I didn’t even know I was missing in coming home. Whoever said you can’t go home again was dead wrong!