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History Embodied

By Staff | May 20, 2009

Jim Fitzsimmons

Our community experienced a real loss last week when Jim Fitzsimmons passed way. He was a long-time newspaperman who certainly had strong ties to this organization. He was one of the few newspaper people around who literally knew the nuts and bolts of putting together an edition. Not only did he write, I understand he also laid type the old-fashioned way.

That seems appropriate somehow as he was a big part of the history he worked so hard to keep. You see, Jim was retired by the time I came to this profession, so I knew him mostly as the primary person in the county who cared about its history. Newspapers often get random inquiries about historic facts, mementoes, and the like. If it was something I couldn’t answer myself-and it usually was-I would direct them to Jim. I could be sure that the inquirer was in good hands then. He would surely help them with his easy manner and memorable smile.

I didn’t know Jim well, but I know he was a great man who loved his family and they loved him. In fact, I think just about everyone loved him. He will be missed.