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Town Looks Into Election Change

By Staff | May 13, 2009

The possibility of changing the election time of council members for Pine Grove’s city council was discussed at Pine Grove’s monthly city council meeting on Monday.

Mayor Dave Barr said he would like to see the elections changed to a even number year and have their elections with the primary.

Dave Williams, councilman, suggested that the voting on council members needs to be split up so they don’t lose all of the council members all at once.

Barr stated to the council that maybe they could have the option to have their ballots changed by the county clerk in the Wetzel County Courthouse if possible; its a matter to be looked into, he said.

Kim Bates, city recorder, stated that the council people get voted in, start to learn the process of being an council person, then they are voted out in two years.

Barr explained to the council that this was nothing that could be done quickly and it would be a slow process once started.

Tom Dulaney, councilman, said “I think we should look into it.”

The mayor asked Bates to check on the information about this for the council.

Maintenance was also a topic for the council. The huge holes in the road by the Pine Grove Post Office were brought to their attention by Roy Justice, councilman.

Justice had some ideas for the members to discuss on how to go about correcting this problem.

Also discussed at the meeting was the leaky roof on the Byrd Center by the roof drain. Barr said a company that has experience working on flat roofs needs to check on this leakage problem.

A motion was passed by council members to approve a purchase of a new buffer to do the floors for the Byrd Center. This money is coming from the building and grounds fund. Justice explained to council that a new buffer should last between 10 to 12 years.

Two new mats to be purchased for the entrance of the center were also voted on and approved by all council members as well, replacing the old ones.

On the subject of maintenance, Justice pointed out that the yard in front of Byrd center is being drive on by vehicles. He suggested a split rail fence be erected to match the fence currently around the center. Barr suggested for him to get measurements to see how long it would be and the cost. He told Justice to get in contact with him with the information to see what they will decide to do on this matter.

The next city council meeting will be June 8, 7 p.m., at the Byrd Center and it is open to the public.