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Board Of Education Approves 2009-10 Coaches

By Staff | May 13, 2009

The Wetzel County Board of Education May 4 approved coaching appointments at county elementary and middle schools for the 2009-10 school year. All are contingent upon a sufficient number of student participants.

Long Drain School

Academic Coach: Rita C. Roberts;

Boys’ Track, 7/8 Grade: Justin W. Balwanz;

New Martinsville School

Academic Coach, K-1: Betty Wilson;

Athletic Director: Jason S. Ensinger;

Boys’ Basketball, 7th Grade: Head Coach, Jason S. Ensinger; 8th Grade: Head Coach, Justin R. Cochran;

Girls’ Basketball, 8th Grade: Head Coach, Brian J. Croasmun;

Cheerleader Coach, 7/8th Grade: Ashley N. Williams;

Football: 7/8th Grade, Head Coach, Joe D. Sturgill Jr.; non-county funded Assistant Coach, Jason S. Ensinger;

Boys’ Track, 7/8 Grade: Jason S. Ensinger;

Girls’ Track, 7/8th Grade: Alison R. Toman;

Volleyball, 7th Grade and 8th Grade: Alison R. Toman, both positions non-county funded;

Paden City Elementary School

Academic Coach: Shawnna L. Matheny;

Short Line School

Academic Coaches: James C. Archer, Charles R. Blair and Kay L. Blair;

Athletic Director: Joe D. Sturgill Jr.;

Cheerleader Coach, 7/8th Grade: Cynthia J. Brown;

Boys’ Track, 7/8th Grade: Joe D. Sturgill Jr.;

Girls’ Track, 7/8th Grade: Joe D. Sturgill Jr.;

Hundred High School

Academic Coach: Bonnie S. McGlumphy;

Athletic Director: Myron J. Seese II;

Boys’ Basketball: Head Coach, Justin W. Balwanz; Assistant Coach, Virgil L. Wilkins;

Football: Head Coach: Rex A. Rush;

Magnolia High School

Academic Coaches: Terrell L. Jackson, John P. Workman Jr.;

Athletic Director: Brian L. Castilow;

Athletic Trainer: Brian L. Castilow;

Baseball: Head Coach, Dave Cisar;

Boys’ Basketball: Head Coach, David L. Tallman; Assistant Coach, Mark D. Blair; 9th Grade Coach, Larry W. West;

Girls’ Basketball: Head Coach, David S. Chapman; Assistant Coach, Frank Cibik;

Cheerleading: Assistant Coach, Brittany T. McGinnis;

Boys’/Girls’ Cross Country: Head Coach, John H. Holliday;

Football: Head Coach, Mark K. Batton; Assistant Coaches, David S. Chapman, Robert W. Ripley;

Golf: Head Coach, David L. Tallman;

Softball: Head Coach, Mark K. Batton; Assistant Coach, Danny J. Anderson;

Girls’ Track: Assistant Coach, Meredith L. Tusic;

Volleyball: Head Coach, Pamela A. Chapman;

Wrestling: Head Coach, Terry L. Sands;

Paden City High School

Academic Coaches, 9/12th Grade: Shelley L. Hulsey; 7/8th Grade, Shelley L. Hulsey;

Athletic Directors, 9/12th Grade: Lowell F. King Jr.; 7/8th Grade: Brent J. Croasmun;

Baseball: Head Coach, Brent J. Croasmun; Assistant Coach, Jeffrey E. Hohn;

Boys’ Basketball: Head Coach, Lowell F. King Jr.; Assistant Coach, Jeffrey R. Bowers; 8th Grade, Brent J. Croasmun;

Girls’ Basketball, 8th Grade: David A. Snyder;

Cheerleading: Assistant Coach, Rachel Stoneking;

Football: Head Coach, Brent J. Croasmun;

Golf: Head Coach, Richard R. Bertozzi;

Boys’ Track: Head Coach, Kimberly J. Huffman; Assistant Coach, Lowell F. King Jr.; 7/8th Grade: Carolyn Hizer;

Girls’ Track: Head Coach, Christine M. Mace; Assistant Coach, Jeffrey R. Bowers; 7/8th Grade: Carolyn Hizer;

Volleyball: Head Coach, Lowell F. King Jr.; Assistant Coach, Jeffrey R. Bowers;

Valley High School

Academic Coaches: Janice A. Moore, Linda K. Wildman;

Athletic Director: John D. Kocher;

Baseball: Head Coach, James G. West;

Boys’ Basketball: Head Coach, John D. Kocher; Assistant Coach, Leslie A. Lively;

Girls’ Basketball: Head Coach, Larry I. Weekley;

Cheerleading: Assistant Coach, Constance D. Dakan;

Football: Head Coach, Thomas C. West; Assistant Coaches, Jack E. Dakan, Abram Shane Highley, James G. West;

Boys’ Track: Head Coach, Leslie A. Lively; Assistant Coach, Richard G. Duffield Jr.; and

Girls’ Track: Assistant Coach, Constance D. Dakan.