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Funding May Be In Sight For Whiteman Hill WaterBY TAMMY WAYMAN

By Staff | Apr 29, 2009

Bob Gorby, vice president of Wetzel County Commission, had good news for the three residents of Whiteman Hill that attended the regular commission meeting on April 28.

Gorby told the residents that he met with Congressman Alan Mollohan on April 20 and that Mollohan told him that he wants to take care of the people on Whiteman Hill. Water service to that area was cut from a water line expansion project by PSD #1 because of a high cost per customer.

The federal help will not be this year, Gorby stressed; it might take two to three years but it looks like something will be done with finding funding for the project.

He explained that a $75,000 stag grant was discussed with Mollohan. Gorby told the residents that no funding will come from the governor’s office. He further remarked that even all road projects in West Virginia are on hold right now. He told the residents that the Congressman was currently their best chance to assist them.

He further explained that Keith Nelsen from PSD #1 should have something back on the engineering study soon, hopefully this week sometime.

Helen Earley, a resident of Whiteman Hill, told the commissioners that an area delegation also met with Mollohan on April 20 to discuss their water situation with him.

Scott Lemley, commissioner, told the residents that they had a very productive meeting with the congressman and that Mollohan has been very good to Wetzel County for years and he has a good staff.

Gorby told the Whiteman Hill residents that as soon as he finds something out he will let them know.

Also before the commissioners that day was Folsom resident Tom McGlumphy. He alleged to commissioners that the Folsom Volunteer Fire Department public meeting concerning the purchase of a new ambulance was not made public in the Folsom area to the residents.

Gorby told him that it was printed in the Wetzel Chronicle as a legal notice in the legal ad section.

McGlumphy told the commissioners that not everyone gets the county paper to read and it was not posted on the VFD advertising sign they have in front of the fire department.

He further asked the commissioners to revoke on the loan for the ambulance and Gorby told him they cannot do that and explained to McGlumphy that the commission financially does not contribute to the Folsom VFD. It is just the area that they cover that the commissioners need to know.

He also presented to the commissioners a petition with signatures that stated the residents did not receive advance notice of the public meeting for purchase of the new ambulance as reported in the Wetzel Chronicle.

Lemley and Gorby reminded him that once they have this information it is public information under the freedom of information act and the public, including the Folsom VFD, can get a copy of it. Gorby also stated everything the commissioners do at a meeting is public information.

McGlumphy said he called Cindy Glasscock of the VFD for a copy of the minutes from the public meeting and has yet to receive them.

Gorby told McGlumphy if he doesn’t get his copy of minutes of the public meeting after a time period, then he can call the West Virginia Ethics Commission. Carol Haught, county clerk, reminded McGlumphy that the request has to be in writing and then they has so many days to respond to it once it is received.