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Pool Cannot Open Without Lifeguards

By Staff | Apr 22, 2009

The town of Hundred might not have its pool in operation this summer if lifeguard positions cannot be filled, according to the town council meeting on April 20.

Carol Robertson and Karen Longwell were present at the meeting to tell city council about how they have been working hard on trying to get local students to take the lifeguard lessons.

Robertson explained that they are offering $6 an hour for the job. She said signs have been put up at the high school and around town explaining about the life guard positions. “I don’t know what we can do to get the kids interested,” stated Robertson.

Recorder Sherri Hayes pointed out that the kids are in so many other things like sports that run into the summer months.

Mayor Charles Sine asked how many kids attend the high school. Robertson reported 140, but noted they must be 16 years of age to be a lifeguard. She also explained that school population has been declining in recent years. She told the council how they have even been looking outside the area of Hundred for someone to be a lifeguard.

Councilwoman Jean McClelland stated, “We are not the only county struggling with this problem.” She also told council that when they did have the pool opened that their water quality in the pool was excellent and it was checked by the health department. She stated they have a top of the line water filtration system installed.

Longwell told the council that lifeguards always got paid.

Hayes asked about the hours, and Robertson reported it would be 11 a.m to 5 p.m on weekdays with extra money to be made with pool parties.

In new business, recorder Hayes reported about the Summer Youth Program that will be between June 22 and July 30. She explained to council that they can hire up to eight youths ages 14 to 17 with one site supervisor. They will earn $7.25 an hour with 32 hours a week for six weeks. This will be paid for by a grant from WorkForce West Virginia. She told council members that if they get accepted, they need to plan on what they need done in the town with the workers. She explained that they can do general maintenance, mowing, painting, street cleaning, and other odd jobs.

Maintenance Supervisor Terrell Greathouse reported to council that three lights are up on the Renner Pavilion behind the American Legion Now the structure is ready to be used.

One Hundred citizen reported to council that the bottom of the American Legion’s dumpster is “going out” and trash is coming out of it and around the bottom. Greathouse said it was probably wild animals digging the trash out from the bottom where a hole might be. Mayor Sine said they would look into this problem to be corrected.

The next regularly scheduled meeting of Hundred’s city council is April 27 at 7 p.m and it is open to the public in the city building.