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Needed: Lifeguards

By Staff | Apr 22, 2009

We sincerely hope Hundred’s pool doesn’t remain dry for another summer. Like last year, the town is having a hard time finding lifeguards for this warm-weather staple.

We understand that the pay isn’t great and there is a cost for becoming certified, but the town truly needs this feature in its summer arsenal. There are many kids for whom a municipal pool is their only vacation and maybe their only real exercise each summer.

Perhaps there are some adults who would spend much of their time at the pool with their children anyway who could get certified and work enough to keep it open. Maybe some philanthropist would offer a donation large enough to pay for the certification fees, or, better yet, enough to make the town able to pay a higher, more enticing wage.

There just has to be a way to get the lifeguards and open the pool.