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Residents Return To Commission

By Staff | Apr 15, 2009

Residents of Whiteman Hill-Helen Early, Paul Weaver, and Lou Rabel-were present at the county commission meeting April 14 to get an update about the Whiteman Hill water expansion project that was cut from the Small City Block Grant project.

Bob Gorby, vice president of the commission, told the residents he was meeting with Congressman Alan B. Mollohan on April 20 to discuss the issue with him.

Scott Lemley, commissioner, told the residents that he has been making phone calls on their behalf. He reported that he had called Larry Lemons, a representative of Sen. Jay Rockefeller, who referred him to Randy Plum of the Rural Utilities Service. Plum told Lemley grant money might be available, but only if an engineering study is done first. Lemley has been in contact with Trey Horner, recommended by Plum to do the study. He explained he was just waiting on the results of the study before anything else can be done. Also, Plum indicated cost per user would be a determining factor.

Lemley also reported that Scott Hicks, of Belomar Regional Council would look into other sources of grant money if any is available.

Weaver asked the commissioners why another study has to be done since one was done with the Public Service District #1 recently for the water expansion project. (This study showed the high cost of adding Whiteman Hill to the project)

Gorby told Weaver, “That report was not in depth of Whiteman Hill.”

Lemley told them that a separate engineering report has to be done and that the commissioners are paying for this report and it should be started very soon.

Weaver and the residents thanked the commissioners for their time in trying to assist them.

In other matters, Rosy Cozart, Wetzel County Animal Shelter supervisor, was also present before the commissioners to hand them her reports from the county animal shelter. Rosy also discussed with the commissioners the drainage problem with the dog kennels when she is cleaning and hosing them out. Gorby knew of this problem and discussed ways with her that it can be corrected. Commission President Don Mason told her, “The problem will be fixed.”

The shelter’s report for February: dogs euthanized, two; cats euthanized, one; dogs adopted, 11; cats adopted, one; dogs to rescue, 21; cats to rescue, five; dogs returned to owner, one; cats returned to owner, none; dogs taken in, 40; cats taken in, two; dogs in approval/foster care, three; cats in approval/foster care, one; none in quarantines.

Report for March: dogs euthanized, four; cats euthanized, one; dogs adopted, 11; cats adopted, none; dogs to rescue, 44; cats to rescue, three; dogs returned to owner, two; cats returned to owner, none; dogs taken in, 68; cats taken in, four; dogs in approval/foster care, five; cats in approval/foster care, one; none in quarantines.

The next regular scheduled meeting of the county commission is April 21 at 9:30 a.m. and it is open to the public. If you would like to discuss an issue with the commissioners, please contact the county clerk’s office for an appointment.