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From Robert E. Hoffman

By Staff | Apr 15, 2009

Notice all Trout Fishermen: In late summer of 07, I rode to Conaway Lake, Tyler County with a W.Va elected official to view the terrible conditions for bank fisherman of this lake, steep banks and no level shoreline to fish from. My wife and I have fallen, as well as have many others getting to water’s edge. Ninety percent of the fish are taken by boat, due to lack of shoreline fishing access.

As we discussed improvements, easy access and a level shoreline fishing path of 400 feet or so, I was asked to draw up a rough sketch, which he would use to obtain funding for this project. This I did, and mailed to him the next day. He called to tell me he received it two days later. Two weeks later he called to tell me he and a Tyler County official had each gotten $10,000 for a total of $20,000 for this project, which is plenty for the two or three day dozer work and pea gravel coating on the pathway.

Last fall I made several calls to different state agencies. Two people there told me, yes we have the money but we can’t do the work until we are told to. After that my calls were never returned. I then called an employee of the state near the lake. I explained what had transpired in this effort. This gent’s reply was, “Nah, were trying to get $350,000 to dredge out the upper end of the lake, so people can fish from the campground.”

This campground is seldom used, due to little shade, swampy ground, no water, poor toilets, etc.

Why are two to three people allowed to make the decision to nix this project for which money has been appropriated? More people would come here to fish if this project would be completed. It would benefit many businesses along the way. The lake should be stocked two or four times a month, as other lakes are throughout the state. Many with paved paths. Many Wetzel residents use the lake, as Wetzel has no trout impoundments.

I urge Wetzel and Tyler residents to call elected officials and ask them to have this work done. In 50 years this lake has had no improvements. Why? Where does the money go? Like the “Beef,” where is the money or improvements?

Hope to see you soon on an improved Conaway Lake with a fishing rod and a smile. The sentiments of many fellow fisherman,

Robert E. Hoffman

New Martinsville