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From PJ Loehr Scarr

By Staff | Apr 15, 2009

I have a story about Wetzel County, its people, and its humane society you may be interested in. I was born and raised in Wetzel County, but now live in Huntington, W.Va. Over Christmas holiday, we were visiting with my mother (age 86) who still lives in our family home on South Rt. 2. As always, my family of five and our dog spent a wonderful holiday with my mother and three of my siblings and their families.

As we were all packing to leave on Friday afternoon, there was a lot of commotion and my beloved family dog (Archie) got outside and was frightened by gun shots in the woods. He took off running north right up the middle of Rt. 2 and unfortunately, he was not wearing his name collar. My family searched for over 24 hours, some in the rain and dark, with no luck. We contacted the local radio station, visited many businesses, and contacted animal control before we had to go back to Huntington, heart broken.

During our search in New Martinsville and even after we returned, we received so much support from the community in helping us find our Archie. People in the neighborhood helped as well as both local veterinarians. Local businesses, the boy scouts, and even a police officer offered support.

The greatest help, however, came from Rosy Cozart and her network at the Wetzel County Animal Shelter. It was they who found and returned Archie to us on Sunday.

Wetzel County should be proud of this organization and what they contribute to the community. They are organized, caring, and capable-please give them your support.

PJ Loehr Scarr