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From Virgil Watson, Lynette Tedrow, and Larry “Virgil” Watson III

By Staff | Apr 8, 2009

To all the parents out there that might be looking for help for their teenager. We would like to tell you about our son.

Our son was only 16 years old when he found out he had a addiction. He told me and his father that he started at a young age. I know what you’re thinking “How did we not know?” Kids are very good at hiding things. “Even drugs.”

Our son told us that he wasn’t able to get off drugs himself, that he needed help.

So that’s when a decision had to be made, so Bryan Hostetler recommended Summit Academy. We had a meeting with Frank Wentzel who is from the Summit. He told us that they would be able to help him. Frank had told our son it wouldn’t be easy, but they would help.

So in Dec. 19, 2008, we stood on the courthouse steps and watched our son leave. It was very heartbreaking.

We have no regrets of the decision that was made.

Our son is doing very well at Summit. His father and I look forward to visiting our son every two weeks. His grades at his formal school were D’s and F’s. His grades at Summit are A’s and B’s. He is now studying for his GED.

The Summit Academy is helping him with his drug addiction.

He has now been off drugs for four months.

Our son has worked very hard to receive his first home pass. He is looking forward to coming home for Easter.

If you are a parent out there that doesn’t know what to do, don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you’re looking for a good school, think about “Summit Academy”.

We would like to thank everyone out there that has helped our son.

The Board of Education, Tim Haught, Bryan Hostetler, Carl W. Paul, Judge Karl, and Beth Ferguson.

And the people at the Summit Academy: Frank Wentzel, Jeff Bachar, and J.E.

Thank You very much,

Virgil Watson, Lynette Tedrow, and Larry “Virgil” Watson III