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NMVFD Bingo Tradition Ends

By Staff | Mar 25, 2009

A 30-year tradition at the New Martinsville Volunteer Fire Department ended Friday-Bingo games. And with it also went the source of thousands of dollars in funding to help pay for the department’s operational costs.

“It was a move that we have anticipated for more than a year now,” said Fire Chief Larry Couch. “We have been breaking even on the games and have been unable to contribute any proceeds since June 2008. We felt it best to stop before we went into the red.”

According to Couch, the games were discussed at the February and March regular departmental meetings and a special meeting.

“We are so grateful for the support that so many have given over the years,” Couch said. “We know that many of our dedicated players will miss the Friday night games, as will we. These players have had the satisfaction of knowing that they contributed to the department’s financial ability to better serve the community through the revenues from these games.

The department will continue other fund raising efforts as it evaluates new ideas to generate funds. “Operating a volunteer fire department the size of ours, with the volume of calls we answer, is an expensive venture,” Couch concluded. “Today’s trucks, equipment, training, and incidental costs are very high and we must have many diversified means of income to cover those costs.”