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From Pastor Bob Brooks

By Staff | Mar 25, 2009

I was sorry to read the letter of the Ravenswood fan that felt traumatized by a Magnolia fan at a recent basketball game. However, I want to take issue with what seems to be the need to stand at a distance and label people that she does not even know. Sometimes we worry about “the speck in another’s eye while forgetting the log in our own eye.”

I offer that observation for a couple reasons. First, when one wants to fix up one room in their home, they do not tear down the house. The supposed actions of one fan don’t mean the entire student body is bad. When I attend games the embarrassment comes from the adults who haven’t learned how to live out the word maturity. However, one embarrassing adult doesn’t mean “all adults….”

Secondly, anyone that stands at a distance and treat others as objects of scorn, should come close and get to know the real students from Magnolia High School. They would meet students that are passionate for their teams and some who push the envelope a bit, (I remember participating in some cheers in high school that I wouldn’t repeat in church). They would meet students who start their week worshiping, by their own choice, at one of the churches in our community. They could sit with students that I meet with regularly to break bread, talk, laugh, and pray with. It is there that they would really get to know these young people. They are students dedicated to their athletics, academics, friends, community, and family. Then so they could get to know them even better, I would introduce them to students who have recently experienced personal tragedy. They would want you to meet their friends that were unselfishly present for them during tough times. This is when one gets to know the real Magnolia High School students that have blessed my life. These are not perfect people but they are great examples of those created in God’s image.

So anyone that needs help with some “stinking thinking” stop by the First Christian Church sometime. We will walk across the street to the Magnolia High School and ask the principal if we can meet some wonderful young women and men. I have no doubt you will leave blessed.

Pastor Bob Brooks

New Martinsville