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From Betsy Westfall

By Staff | Mar 18, 2009

I love my community! Recently I made an emergency run to the Wetzel County Hospital with a teenager that was in my charge. As I pulled into the Emergency Room parking area, I screamed to a gentleman coming out to get some help. . . they did exactly that and helped me in another way that was above and beyond that. . . he offered to move my car for me. I gave my keys to a stranger and had no fear my car and purse would be stolen.

This nice man parked my car and brought me back my keys. I didn’t get his name, but I did get a hug and he was on his way. I thank him for being such a concerned citizen.

I also received a nice hug that relieved my hysteria from another gentleman, which I did know. . . Jim Colvin. . . he was there on an ambulance run. His hug really helped calm my nerves and I knew that he also was saying a prayer for me and my teenage friend.

I was very thankful we had a local hospital that I could access in minutes. When I think back, I can’t imagine what I would have done, if I had started for Wheeling, or had to meet an ambulance and wait any longer for care.

I would have loved to have a connecting road from Paducah to East Benjamin. I hope that a road will definitely be a consideration when that land is developed. I know it has been in the discussion stages, but I know it will definitely help when an emergency arises, plus, alleviate the congestion around the school in the morning and evening. It is definitely a safety issue. I have heard of people using the emergency vehicles only area at the hospital during school hours as well. I didn’t realize there was any opening by the hospital or I would have used it as well during this emergency.

My other concern. . . while speeding to hospital with the emergency, I called 911 and asked that they alert Wetzel County Hospital I was coming. My call was received by Monroe County 911. I said, “Forget it.” I was already pulling in the emergency room.

Thank you for my two “knights in shining armor” for the help and comfort and Wetzel County Hospital for being there when we need it!

Betsy Westfall

New Martinsville