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Don’t Just Talk The Talk; Walk The Walk

By Staff | Mar 11, 2009

Years ago a doctor asked me a question that literally changed my life.

He said to me how I would feel if I knew for certain I would be dead by midnight? My answer was, I’d be very angry. His response was, well, you should make some changes, because no one knows.

Think about that question! How would you feel? The truth is none of us do know when our life will end. His point was of course live your life each day as if it was your last.

What better time than now to help those in need? Another point was we do not know when that time might come to us.

I am quite sure most of those living on streets, losing their homes, their jobs, and even their families never thought it would happen to them either. It would be difficult to believe they chose that life.

Most of us have an access of almost everything. Why not think about how many things we really need. My son was cooking a meal in my home.

He looked at my pots and pans, turned to me, and asked, “How many burners on your stove, Mom?”

When I answered, “Four”, he said, “Then why do you have at least five of each size?”

Good point! Now I have one set of five sizes. If we would take the time to look around our own surroundings, I think we would be either amazed or upset with all the “stuff” we have collected. I swear many of my things just followed me home.

Each change of season I try to go through my closets to see just how many times I wore this great creations. If I have not worn them, they are donated to others.

In the past years we have donated many items to local charities.

Our latest has been to Inner City Ministries in Columbus. My wonderful niece, Lynn Cole Stecklin, spoke about the charity she was helping. This small church in Columbus does their part to help street people and any others in need.

I spoke about this charity at my church, St. Ann’s Episcopal. We help many other charities. Some of our members chose to help those in need in Columbus.

Several car loads of things have gone to Columbus from New Martinsville’s residents. Not only from our church, but many other people.

The items needed are things we take for granted. . . things like empty pill bottles. Who would think there is an important need for them? The church in Columbus fills them with shampoo, lotions, etc. These are given to those in need.

Just two weekends ago Lynn came home to visit. She left with a car load of items to give to the church. The following weekend, we went to Columbus with another car load.

Upon my return this last Monday, a letter was in my mail box. I would like to share this letter with you, and with those who have sent many items to Columbus.

Feb. 27, 2009

Dear Judy:

Thank you for all you have done for Inner City Ministries. Lynn didn’t tell me who did what, but as a minister and former pastor’s wife, I know that it takes many people doing a lot to accomplish what you and your church have done. Thank you for catching the vision to reach the lost.

We often forget that when people are cold and hungry it is hard for them to really understand that God loves them and has promised to meet their needs. God is faithful and true-but He uses our hands and feet to carry out His word to those in need.

God Bless You! And again, thank you!


Mela Bowman

Executive Director

Inner City Ministries