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This Thrift Shop Diva Makes Another Great Find

By Staff | Mar 4, 2009

As I have often written, I find great things at thrift shops.

Recently I was going to one of my usual jaunts to a local thrift shop. I noticed a sign on the window, “Free Vision Check.”

I didn’t pay much attention to this at first. A very nice woman asked if I would like a vision check. I told her probably not, or I might be found to be “almost” blind.

I’ve been wearing glasses since grade school. Most in my family are nearsighted.

Since coming home to West Virginia, I have found it difficult to find a doctor for an eye check up. It seems they are so booked in advance, one could go blind while waiting on an appointment.

But, at the thrift shop, I found a doctor’s representative. I thought I was hearing things when the woman said, “Would you like an appointment in the morning with this eye specialist?”

I had heard this doctor mentioned by my sis, Evelyn Cole. That was all I knew about him, but I decided I would gladly give him a try.

I took the appointment for the following morning.

Having lived in several other states, I have been seen by several eye specialists. I did have a mental checklist of what I expected from this one. I thought some of these doctors I had seen gave a pretty good eye exam. Others, well. . .

I have worked in the medical field for years. I left that field for the last time when that physician proved one more time how badly some treat their employees. The patient never sees this side of the doctors. I now often judge my doctor by the attitude of his staff.

When I arrived in this eye clinic I was greeted by a smiling, happy woman at the front desk. (First good sign). I was amazed at the size of the clinic, and how nicely it was done. Very comfortable chairs. (Often you sit for what seems to be hours in those hard chairs that almost paralyze you. There was just a warm glow about this entire clinic.

During my eye exam, I again was amazed at the different tests that were done and how nice the technicians were.

So many times doctors over book (and it is up to the doctor how many patients he/she wants booked each day, almost each minute. I am sure all of you have been seen by physicians that hardly take the time to say hello, until they are out of your patient room. I worked for one physician who wanted two patients booked every 10 minutes.

My examination took over two hours. Not one person who was doing all this fantastic testing seemed rushed. I know they were, but they did not make me feel I was just another number.

After all the tests were completed and recorded, this very nice looking young doctor came into yet another exam room. He carefully read all the test results that had just been completed; then did more eye tests.

He then talked with me about all the tests. He too took time and explained them all.

Since he found a couple of things that needed followed he suggested that I see another of their MD’s. This one confirmed all the test results.

I was then told I was doing okay for now, but if anything changed in my vision to call their office at once. If not, then his office would notify me a month in advance when my next appointment would be.

Almost three hours after my arrival, I left Dr. Anwar Cataract Center.

I know in all the years I have seen eye doctors I have never been given such a complete eye examination, nor one in such a warm, caring place.

And to think, I found this at a thrift shop! And a physician who knows how his patients will be treated by his staff as well as the MD’s. Kind of restored my faith in doctors.

*A note about last week’s column: Bill Shockley was a tad upset I did not say he was 50! in my column. Ok, Bill, now everyone has been informed.