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From Raymond H. Renaud

By Staff | Mar 4, 2009

The gas extraction efforts taking place in Marshall and Wetzel counties by Chesapeake Energy and CNX are providing economic benefits to the state and the county. The county benefits from increases in tax revenues, employment, and additional business for local merchants.

The rural residents of the area, where the activity is taking place, are paying a high price for those activities. Their quality of life has been diminished by the area being converted into an industrial zone. Their safety is compromised by the heavy truck traffic and road closures that potentially block emergency vehicles. The deterioration of the roads has taken its toll on their motor vehicles, and, in some cases, their ability to leave their homes because of road blockages and road conditions. Property values have decreased in the area. Dust pollution affects their health and water pollution affects their wells and streams. The extent of the problems can be seen on our group’s Web site at “WCAG-WV.org”.

There is an immediate need for Chesapeake and the WVDOH to cooperate in an effort to repave sections of Brock Ridge, Route 89, and Doolin Hill that have been badly damaged by heavy truck traffic.

On behalf of the Wetzel County Action Group, I would like to express our appreciation to Chesapeake and CNX for trying to minimize the harm to these rural residents. We would also like to extend our thanks to the Prosecuting Attorney, the Sheriff, Arvilla, and the School System for working with us to minimize these undesirable effects. We look forward to your continuing cooperation.

Raymond H. Renaud

Friendship Ridge

New Martinsville