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From Kandi Roche

By Staff | Mar 4, 2009

America Invaded. America has been invaded by foreign countries without firing a gun. Instead, foreign countries allegedly have invested in West Virginia’s and America’s mineral, gas, and oil businesses. The production company then plays a game by advertising in an obscure weekly newspaper of finding owners of land and royalties, but the owners are never found.

The production company makes up names and/or addresses of “owners” which don’t and have never existed.

The production company then goes onto a property, drills the mineral, gas, or oil, then “horizontally” drills underground spiraling out like the spokes in a wooden wheel. The owners of the land or the mineral, gas, and oil rights are unaware that the production company has drilled “horizontally underground”, thieving the mineral, gas, and oil that lay beneath their adjacent lands.

Owners that do become aware are so uninformed or intimidated by the mineral, gas, or oil representative (landman), that they sign for minimal monies and free gas while the production company removes millions of dollars of product from beneath. The land, mineral, gas, and oil royalty owners don’t understand the enormity of their role.

If you had a grocery store and someone came in, offered to pay you five dollars for everything in the store, for example the size of the Wal-Mart chain of stores…not just one store, but the whole chain for each store paying $5, would you accept the deal? Then why are you selling yourself short by accepting offers so low on your products of mineral, gas, and oil and/or land products to these allegedly foreign owned mineral, gas, and oil production companies in West Virginia?

Kandi Roche