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New Martinsville Approves Law To Keep Customers

By Staff | Feb 25, 2009

New Martinsville City Council passed the first reading of an electric department ordinance at its regular meeting Feb. 2.

Titled “Aggregation of Demand Response of Retail Customers”, the purpose of the law is to prevent larger corporations from coming in and “cherry picking” larger operations and steal them as electric customers. It is necessary in response to federal deregulation.

Only three municipalities in West Virginia have their own electric department and need such local legislation.

“(Electric Department Head) Dave (White) is on top of the game,” noted Pallisco.

Chuck Stora, who oversees the hydroelectric plant, said a lot of the credit goes to AMP-Ohio, of which New Martinsville is a member. The organization watches out for legislation that affects its members.

Further, Stora reported that the hydroelectric plant had a terrible time with debris in January. The plant was down 14 times because of the trash and 23 dumpsters full of debris was removed just off of the river’s base.

However, he still expected the plant to report its generation was over budget for the month.

Council agreed to let the New Martinsville Volunteer Fire Department pursue private donations for a fire hydrant sponsorship program. Through it residents would adopt a hydrant in their neighborhood by giving $20 to the NMVFD to purchase a fiberglass stick that is mounted on the hydrant, making it more visible, particularly in the event of a large snow fall.

There are approximately 370 public fire hydrants in New Martinsville. Assistant Chief Cris Jenkins is working on the project.

Councilman Steve Pallisco reported that Riverfront Development is planning Festival of Memories for July 18. They have some state money they can use to make the event bigger and better while maintaining a small town feel. The entertainment is currently being lined up.

He further said the group is continuing to work with Congressman Alan Mollohan (D-W.Va.) and his representative, Tammy Rapp. The local project to develop the riverfront and build an amphitheater is still in the running for appropriations money for 2009 and they have applied for funds for 2010.

“Tammy has worked really hard on this,” noted Pallisco, saying she has told the group not to give up.

Council asked the police department to begin enforcing the two-hour parking limit in the downtown area.

In another police matter, it was noted that New Martinsville Police Detective Donnie Harris will be coordinating a K-9 seminar in the city the weekend of March 13. Between 30 and 50 departments are expected to attend this event that can earn state certification. They hope to conduct a public demonstration on March 15.

Finally, Pallisco said he was disappointed that not many members of the public are present at council meetings. “Get involved with your community,” urged the councilman.

Earl Yost, who regularly attends the meetings, said he appreciates that under new leadership he is able to put his “two cents in” at meetings. Anyone can do the same, he noted.

New Martinsville Council meets on the first Monday of every month. The department head meeting begins at 7 p.m. with the council meeting commencing at 7:30 p.m. The next meeting will be March 2.