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Brown Auburn Glow

By Staff | Feb 11, 2009

With the passing of years in a marriage, Valentine’s Day sometimes becomes lost in our everyday lives. Men rush into the discount store and buy a card or flowers for their wives. If you forget, I am sure your wife will remind you just before bedtime. That eliminates your opportunity to purchase a last minute gift.

Men are a little harder to find a romantic gift for. The wife may find a card with a verse about their lasting love and tender memories.

If she really wants to impress her husband on this special day she should purchases him a subscription to ESPN U. That way each year on Valentine’s Day he would remember to renew the sports channel and hopefully remembers to find something special for his wife.

I have for you today a Valentine story of a man I will call Walker.

A few years back, Walker was checking out of the grocery store with items his wife had asked him to pick up. Like most men, he had not gotten a shopping cart and chose to carry in his arms the items on his list. As he stood waiting impatiently for the clerk to clear the counter, he noticed a story in one of those women’s magazines they keep at the check out.

“Rekindle Romance for Valentines Day” the magazine cover said.

This struck Walker’s memory that Valentines Day was just a couple of days away and he had not purchased a gift for his wife. He thought to himself that this year he should do something special for his wife-more than a card or flowers.

Perhaps this magazine could help with his gift dilemma. Like any man would do, Walker looked around to make sure no one noticed as he picked up this women’s magazine and placed it with his items to check out.

A few moments later, in the privacy of his truck, he opened the magazine to the story that interested him. The article pointed out when we are first married we are careful about our appearance and doing special things for the ones we love. As time passes our careers and raising a family get us caught up in our hectic daily lives. Those special moments together are fewer for a while. The fresh romance from the early days has faded a little with time.

The magazine article concluded with, “You can not turn back the clock, but you can give your loved one a glimpse back to those first moments together.”

Walker looked up from the magazine and peered into the rearview mirror. Looking at his reflection he knew what he must now do; let his wife see him as she did 40 years ago.

He returned to the store and went directly to the personal care aisle, eyeing shelves until he saw the item he was looking for-hair coloring. There were dozens of colors to choose from in the neatly stacked boxes.

The names were as confusing as were the large number of colors to select from. Blaze Brown, Harvest Glow, and Sunset Red, were a few of the names on the hair coloring boxes.

Walker knew when he was young his hair was brown and his wife said it had red highlights. Inspecting the models’ pictures on the front of each box, he finally found one he believed to be his hair color long ago, Brown Auburn Glow.

He returned to the check out with the hair coloring and handed it to the cashier.

After scanning the price, the lady looked at the box and said, “Nice color.” Walker only smiled and nodded as he paid the young lady.

A few days later on Valentine’s Day Walker scheduled himself an afternoon off while his wife was still at work. He figured he could color his hair and have the table set for two by the time she arrived home. The table would be lit with candles to give the dinner the right mood. His wife would see his youthful appearance and the romantic dinner for two would bring back memories of 40 years ago.

With the box of color in hand, Walker began by reading the instructions. First, wash hair and then treat with conditioner. Then apply the coloring solution to bring back your Brown Auburn Glow hair color.

A note of caution on the box instructed the user to remove or protect any clothing that might be damaged by the hair coloring solution. Walker removed his shirt and pants, leaving on only his shorts and socks.

The pair of protective gloves in the box would not have fit his hands even 40 years ago. Then began the process of applying the thick dark solution to his coarse wet hair. After he applied the bottle’s contents, he looked at his watch to time the process. He sat down on the edge of the toilet and began to wait. As he looked into the mirror on the wall, something just did not look right to Walker.

The allotted time passed and he began to wash the excess coloring from his hair. Finally the moment of truth. . . he closed his eyes and raised his head and looked into the mirror hoping to see the reflection of his youth.

About 5:15 p.m. Walkers wife arrived home to a kitchen counter covered with bags of food not yet prepared for supper. The two red candles lying on the table were still in their wrapping. On the corner of the counter a wine bottle cork was still impaled by the cork screw remover, but there was no husband to be found.

She became concerned and quickly made her way through the house looking for Walker. She called his name until from behind a half-closed bathroom door came the words, “I am in here.”

Her heart raced, as she feared opening the door to see what may be wrong with her husband. Looking in, she quickly covered her mouth to prevent her giggling from breaking into laughter.

With a half empty bottle of wine next to him on the bathroom floor, Walker had sat down and waited for his wife’s arrival. It took no time to realize what her husband of 40 years had done.

His coarse gray hair and the uneven application had caused the hair to turn various shades of yellow, red, and brown. Here and there were still gray patches of hair.

Walker looked at his amused wife and said, “I wanted to give you something special this year, I love you.”

The truth is Walker did give his wife something special that Valentine’s Day. He made her smile and giggle like she did the first time she saw him over 40 years ago.

They say it is the thought that counts in matters of the heart. Walker gave his wife a gift you cannot put a value on or find in a store. Those are the best gifts you can give on Valentine’s Day as I see it Thru the Lens.

P.S. With the help of his wife’s hairdresser, Walker was spared any further embarrassment.