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From Roland Bohrer

By Staff | Feb 4, 2009

I found this in a magazine and felt it was worth everyone getting to think about it.

Unknown, Unborn, Unwanted

By John King

What great wonders were my little eyes to see? What type of person did God design me to be? What joys of life should I have known? What loving spouse was to be all my own? What great blessing would I be to mankind? What good example was I to leave behind?

No answers are given to all that I quest, for I was aborted, along with the rest. Unwanted by those who call me one of their kind, no room for me were they able to find.

I was given no choice to live or die. My voice was not heard as silently I cry. Just a product of conception, that’s what they say, a quick trip to the clinic and it’s out of our way.

Maybe it’s best I never had been, than to be raised by those who didn’t want me for kin. But, this isn’t over as easy as some like to say, for we’ll meet again on that judgment day.

Squarely I’ll look them all in the eye, and ask why they decided that I had to die.

So, to those who now live, take heed what I say, for the taking of life thou surely will pay.

Roland Bohrer

New Martinsville