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From Dan Knowlton

By Staff | Feb 4, 2009

This is in reply to the two ladies who wrote a rebuttal to my letter of Jan. 21, concerning the Christmas lights not being turned on, on certain nights, in Paden City. Anyone who knows me, knows I like a good rebuttal and will accept them with open arms. I know I have your attention when I get them.

First off, have I mistakenly been told that the police officers in town are the ones that are supposed to turn the lights on nightly, since they are on duty? If not them, who’s job is it to see that they are turned on? I will be the first to apologize if it is not their duty to do so. I don’t think I will have to offer any apologies, though!

Anybody who can “read between the lines” knows that the lights have been turned on, on several occasions, during the past couple of years, by a private citizen. That’s why this private citizen knows it’s not that tough of a job to do! I guarantee you that if this private citizen were out on the town on a nightly basis then the lights would, in fact, be turned on. However, most private citizens are not out on the town, patrolling it. We know that we are protected by fine, outstanding young men. That fact is not an issue!

The lights, by the way, were noticed off more times than the “two or three” times as stated in one of the letters. That is a fact!

All of our officers have been to the West Virginia State Police Academy and have graduated in the top 10 in their classes. That is quite an accomplishment and I commend all of them, I really do. Turning on three breakers a night, to light the town for Christmas, should be too trivial a job for them to do, I guess.

Now, will somebody just shed a “little light” on this subject and let the public know who is responsible for lighting the town of Paden City during the Holiday season? All of the citizens, including me, are probably now a little curious and would like an answer.

Hey, maybe we can hire Tom Bodett, the guy from the Motel 6 commercials. He’d “leave the lights on” for us, and we’d all be happy!

Oh, yes, one more thing before I sign off. So far, you two ladies have given the only negative comments that I have received. Other fellow citizens have told me that I am “right on” concerning this subject.

Have a wonderful day, ladies!

Dan Knowlton

Paden City