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From Ginger Wilcox

By Staff | Jan 28, 2009

I usually don’t say much, at least when it comes to the public.

I say what I want, to whom I want when I am venting, and know that it will not be repeated.

But there are times, this being one, that I feel must be addressed and I have done nothing in the past. I feel it is time to speak up and be heard.

In reply to the letter to the editor regarding the City of Paden City Christmas lights. Yes, the lights were probably not lit three of four times during the season. Why, you asked?

Probably because the officers did have something more important to do, which, as you say, is not an excuse. How about “I forgot?” Still not good enough. Well, since you and others know exactly where to turn the lights on, volunteers are welcome!

I guess I just get tired of hearing cons all the time against our police officers and also (others) who work for the city. I really would like to hear all the pros, but I guess that is not in some’s vocabulary.

It is like the news all around us; we only hear the bad. But you know, there are good things going on in this world, it just takes those who really care about people to say the good things instead of the negative.

Ginger Wilcox, Recorder

City of Paden City