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Hair, The Long And The Short Of It

By Staff | Jan 21, 2009

Most women are very fussy about their hair. I am one of those. I have experimented with mine for years.

My hair used to be very dark brown. As a little girl it was in pig tails. In high school it was the tradition style of the time. Well, I changed that one summer. I had it cut short and put peroxide on just a streak in the front. When I got home, I thought my mother was going to have her first stroke. Even worse was when I told her it was called a DA. Many of you must remember those.

Then there was the time I had been a bleached blonde when I got much older. Every thing went very well. That is until the time it turned orange. I rushed to the phone and called the 800 number on the box of hair coloring. When the nice man answered the phone, I screamed at him, “I’ve got orange hair.” He quietly tried to ask me what color I had used. We finally got worked out.

While I was living in New York City, I had my hair “done” by a hair styled named, Mr. Anthony. He had trained at Charles of the Ritz.

I’ve had some excellent hair stylists over the years, but not quite as many as changes in my style.

Now my hair is the family tradition that Mother Nature gave almost everyone in my family. We all start getting those white hairs very young. I decided when I moved back home to West Virginia to leave all that hair coloring business to others who want to lose their hair from too much dye. So now I look like all my family members. It has been a silver white for some time now.

Over the years I’ve had some cuts and styles that almost made me hide in the closet or wear a toboggan.

Since coming home, I found the best stylist that I have ever had. A stylist that always gives me a “do” that is perfect. As many of you women know, that is a rarity.

I did try a couple other stylists who my sister had suggested. They were okay, but one in particular had cut it pretty good. When I called again I was informed she was so busy it would be two weeks before she could “work me in.” Well, that did it for her. I don’t want to wait even a few minutes when I am in that hair cut mood.

One day as I was shopping in the society center of town, Wal Mart, I decided to get my hair cut. One reason was I could get it done right then, and the other was I watched some of the stylist at work and decided it might be okay.

I don’t remember who the first stylist was who cut my hair. All the stylists in that salon have done great job of cutting and styling my hair. Never got a bad “do” there. It was not many cuts later that I got the best cut and style I had ever had. Needless to say, I was very pleased.

Next time I needed it cut, I went back to the same woman. Again, it was a great cut.

Her name is Barb. She is pleasant as well as a great stylist. She doesn’t talk much, so I learn no gossip from her. I appreciate this because I hate gossip.

The shop is owned by Smart Style. The manager of this one is Shirley Haught. Shirley is always in the same mood-friendly, smiling, and even a joke or two.

There are some other great stylists in the Smart Style Shop too. I adore Michael. He gives great hugs, and always the same too. None of this grumpy stuff is found in this salon.

It has come to a place now, when I get in the mood I must have a hair trim, I call to see if Barb is working.

I never have to be concerned that I will have to hide when Barb does my hair. It is a lucky find for me that here in New Martinsville, I have found the stylist that does my hair to my liking better than I even found in New York City.

And I don’t have to wait two weeks to be “worked in.” Some have said, “Wal-Mart?” It’s not like it is a taboo where you go, it is how you walk out of the shop. I can assure you, I always walk out with a smile on my face. Thanks, Barb!