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AMP-Ohio Honors City Electric

By Staff | Jan 8, 2009

New Martinsville Electric Department General Manager Dave White, right, receives AMP-Ohio Innovation Award from AMP-Ohio Board of Trustees Chair Dan Preising.

New Martinsville Municipal Electric was honored for its achievements during the past year at the 2008 OPPEI/AMP-Ohio/OMEA Annual Conference.

The utility received an Innovation Award for their Trouble Tree Program. The city also received a Public Power Promotion Honorable Mention for their public power week coloring contest.

The city’s emphasis on safety was also recognized by AMP-Ohio as New Martinsville Municipal Electric received a Safety Award for no time lost due to reportable accidents in the transmission/distribution category. Additionally, New Martinsville was honored with a Hard Hat Safety Award given to Mike Durant. These awards go to individuals that have contributed to safety within their community; shown adherence to on-the-job safety procedures; and, promoted electrical safety within their department and community in the past year.

The annual conference was held in Columbus Oct. 28-30 and was attended by more than 450 municipal officials and industry representatives.