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From Charlie Huffman

By Staff | Jan 7, 2009

Being a resident of the New Martinsville Towers, I would like to address something that causes concern to all Towers residents. So far this year, the Towers has been in a “Chronicle” news item about numerous false fire-or-rescue alarms being responded to by the very admirable and qualified units of New Martinsville.

These articles stated (according to a management letter received by the residents) that alarms were being deliberately pulled, making this a malicious mischief felony. But some residents were told it was nothing more than bad hallway smoke detectors.

This makes a person wonder, since it seems as if anyone (unknowns) can, and have been, seen entering the building at all hours of any day and not through the main entrance. This has also caused some of the elderly residents to voice concern about going to visit a friend in the evening hours because they don’t know who they will see walking through the halls.

An additional problem we have here at the Towers is that people who are not residents of the Towers will park in the area of the pay phone, lock their vehicle, and walk to the Villa apartments, instead of parking over there to start. This makes a person wonder.

And, since I am on the subject of parking, myself, as well as others, feel the “parking” situation is being abused as well as ignored by a variety of people. People who can read and still choose to ignore signs just because they know nothing will be done about it.

We have areas marked with metal signs in the vicinity of our flag pole. One sign specifically states “No Parking-Fire Zone”, with the curb clearly painted red. You would be surprised of the amount of people who use that red painted area for their personal, five-to-20 minute parking space, such as Villa residents for rent drop off, Anwar Eye Clinic, people for applications, etc.

I know they are busy, but should our area fire marshal or Fire Chief Couch ever get time to drop by in their personal vehicle with their citation books, they may be able to restore the area cab service just on parking violation fines collected. This makes a person wonder.

Thank you for your time, and sorry about the length.

Charlie Huffman

New Martinsville Tower