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Paden City Discusses Various Matters Meeting

By Staff | Dec 17, 2008

The Paden City Council met in regular session on Dec. 1 to discuss the matters affecting the city.

In the absence of Mayor Bill Fox, Recorder Ginger Wilcox presided over the meeting.

Water Superintendent Clifford Duke, Patrolman Mike Owens, and Sgt. Ronald Henry were present in addition to members of council, Jarrell Bailey, Glenn Casteel, Cherita Daugherty, Clyde Hochstrasser, and Roger Spragg. Eileen Smittle was absent.

Wilcox opened the meeting with prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag. She then read a card of thanks from the family of Buford Kirtley and opened the floor for public grievances and complaints.

Carl Wilcox Jr. was the first to speak, stating that Fox was to have answers for him regarding bills he had submitted to council about compensation for work he paid for on First Avenue near his home. “Is anything going to be done about this?” he asked.

With no response from the council, Ginger told the assembled body the city has paid between $5,000 and $6,000 on this matter of West Adams Street and South First Avenue.

“The city was required to give (Carl) Wilcox access to his property, which we did. The city will not be doing anything further regarding South First Avenue,” she concluded.

Carl then asked if that meant that he owned the property since he had it filled.

Ginger replied, “No. This is still a city street and the city owns the property.”

Carl then made mention about Corning sitting on First Avenue, to which Ginger answered that there were deeds in her office regarding the matter and she wasn’t sure exactly how they read but it was something in the past.

According to Ginger, the city will take no further action on the First Avenue issue.

In financial matters, Bailey made a motion, seconded by Hochstrasser, to give the full-time employees a $100 Christmas bonus and the part-time employees a $30 Christmas bonus. The motion carried with councilwoman Daugherty abstaining.

Ginger noted that the 2006 GMC Diesel truck owned by the city would be paid for with a December payment of $925.80.

New water lines were installed on North First Avenue as well as at the southern end of town under W.Va. 2.

Additionally, the area at North First Avenue was paved after the installation of the new line.

Hochstrasser stated he would like for Duke to look at the property on Ninth and Westerman and dig up the area where the water keeps running to determine what the problem is. The decision was made to wait until spring, to which citizen Phil Frazier commented, “There will be more water flowing by then.”

The Paden City Police Department recently purchased an emergency door opener to assist in the opening of doors on vehicles.

It was also brought to the quorum’s attention that Henry has successfully completed K-9 school and was certified with K-9 officer Anja. Hochstrasser made a motion, seconded by Bailey, that the K-9 handler be permitted to take his police cruiser home. He stated, “Response time is of the utmost importance.”

All other cruisers will remain at the city building.

Daugherty reported that in November there were three motor vehicle accidents, one EMS assist, one service call, and one mutual aid standby. There were no structure fires, false alarms or mutual aids reported.

Bailey advised the council that the “Haunted Trail” made a profit of $403.30 after expenses.

Before the close of the meeting, Hochstrasser reported that they were talking to Jeff Sprouse of Spouse Building Products about leasing the property in Paden City.

At this time, the negotiations are reportedly at a stand still.