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Justice is Blind. Really?

In a small community such as ours, Justice most definately is not Blind. I knew a judge that just because someone owned the house that the judge grew up in...they let him off. This kind of stuff goes on all the time. It's not the police you should be worrying about, it's the Judges, and the Prosecutor. I myself would hate to have to go on trial in this county, because if he says you are guilty, then 99% of the time you are gonna be found guilty. That's what comes from living in a small community, because chances are one of the judges, or the prosecutor has heard something bad about you, and what better way to exact his justice. Yeah there is justice for some, but mostly it's a smokescreen for their justice. Like i stated in my other comment Grand Juries are a thing of the past, but hey let's keep ours, because if the prosecutors presents his evidence to them then yeah you r gonna b indicted, and most likely found guilty.


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