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Magnolia's band was treated HORRIBLY!

I am appalled at the way Magnolia's marching band was treated at the Jamboree lastnight! Those kids practiced for a very long time and were so excited to perform their first field show in public! But what did they get, a small portion of the field to perform on. Why? Because the RUDE teams that were to play next wouldnt leave the field and show any respect! A certain RED team took most of the field, they were noisy, in the way, walking and trampling all over our flags. Our flag girls couldnt even do half of their routine because the RUDE football team wouldnt move, they kept taking up more space! If a band is set to perform, show some dang MANNERS and stay off the field until they are done! Our kids did GREAT even though they were surrounded by IDIOTS!!! AWESOME JOB MAGNOLIA!!!!!!!


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