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Slow down

I just wanted to make a comment to all the residences that drive thru Pine Grove young and old. Please for the sake and safety of our community SLOW DOWN. I live by the Byrd Center and it clearly shows a sign that says sharp turn 15 mph and everyone and I mean everyone goes at least 40 around that turn. There is no reason except for EMS to be driving that fast. I have asked teenagers to slow down and all I hear is "F*** You" and rude comments by other drivers. I have asked if Wetzel County Sheriff can show a presence in this area and I was told no because they cant enforce Pine Grove laws, which I dont believe. All I am asking is to follow the law, act like civilized individuals and SLOW DOWN before someone or something gets seriously hurt. If the Wetzel County Sheriff or State Patrol can show a presence at least once a week I think it might help and I dont mean on the main stretch of road by Simons. It sure wouldnt hurt anything.


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